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We offer you 2 communication channels.


Access all the information about your community. Just enter your username and access key.


Download our Communitas app and access all the information about your community from your mobile or tablet.

With Communitas, distances and travel have ceased to be a problem.

All our clients, both community presidents and residents, can carry out numerous procedures online. Contracts, statutes, bank transactions, invoices, financial closings, minutes, certificates, current budget, outstanding receipts. Anytime. And from anywhere. From your computer, tablet, or mobile.

What information and forms of communication can you access through our online platforms?

Access to the documentation archive

of the Community, Joint Community, or Urban Entity: Minutes, Regulations, Rules, Deeds, Manuals, Annual Reports, Regular Suppliers, Insurance Policy, etc.

Online notification of incidents

Receipt consultation

issued in the name of your property and change their payment/direct debit method.

And many more

that we will be incorporating.

What do you need to start using our online platforms?

If you are a Communitas client and already have your username and access key, click here and start using our online platforms right away.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can do so here:

If you’re not a client, fill out this information, and we’ll contact you to provide you with your username and access key.

If you need more information about our online platforms, please contact us:

91 742 14 80