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We know that the most important thing for you is to fully enjoy your life: your home, your partner, your children or friends, your free time… And the last thing you want is to worry about administrative and cumbersome issues.
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The change
you need.

Every day, more people believe that a radical change is needed. Enough of endless meetings that turn into chaos. Minutes arriving a month late. Budgets that are not understood. Debtors always getting away with it. Waiting and waiting for someone to fix the elevator door. Or not taking advantage of technology to communicate more effectively with your administration.

That simple.

We believe in simplicity. We advocate for a communication style that is easy to understand. No complexities. No duplicities. Only necessary information. Calling things by their names. We firmly believe that simplicity is better, more effective, and efficient. Don’t you?
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We specialize in large communities of neighbors, joint communities, and urban entities

Why switch to Communitas

Agility in management

We are a property management company with a team of 18 professionals organized into 3 departments: Administration, our own Legal Assistance, and Incident Management, with a call center of 6 lines currently handling over 2.000 calls monthly.

You will save time and money

We guarantee it in writing. From day one. An annual savings in the budget of the Community, Joint Community, or Urban Entity of between 5 and 15%. Your neighbors will pay less per month and have success indicators of our management. Additionally, we draft all documents for you to sign (e.g., minutes, requirements, notices, circulars, etc).

Clear accounts

We work with the President and the Board of Directors to set objectives that allow us to measure our management and the success of the current Presidency. You will always know how your community's money is being used. With total transparency.

Online access 24/7

All our clients, both community presidents and neighbors, can access timely and updated information through our website and app. Contracts, statutes, bank transactions, invoices, real-time financial closings. Anytime. Anywhere. From your computer, tablet, or mobile.

Fair rates

We were the first company to launch a flat rate in Spain: we do not charge for attending meetings, telephone expenses, postage, SMS, etc; nor, of course, for photocopies, with an online and completely transparent service.

And much more

Tell us how we can help you. We adapt to your needs to always offer the best service.

Your online administrator 24 hours a day

Carry out all the management you need. Anytime. Anywhere. 100% online..

Take your community of neighbors
to a higher level

Make the leap to a new, more professional and efficient management style.
What are you waiting for?
Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubts?

The only necessary condition is to hold an Extraordinary or Ordinary General Meeting where the change of the Administrator appears on the agenda, and the agreement is approved by a simple majority of the attendees. Even if there is a signed contract with the administrator for a term longer than a year, the Horizontal Property Law establishes that the renewals of the administrator’s position will be for one-year terms, so durations longer than this period are not legal. In case you decide to change the administrator halfway through their term, Communitas will cover the remaining fees with a limit of 2 monthly installments.

It depends on the number of property owners in your community.
Calculate exactly what we would charge to manage your community based on the number of property owners.

This fee includes EVERYTHING: regular mail expenses, photocopies, SMS, unlimited Owners’ Meetings, free App, payroll preparation, social security, taxes, etc.

And, of course, with an online service that is completely transparent, including free hosting of all community documents in the cloud, accessible with a username and password.

The backing team. Nowadays, it’s practically impossible for someone practicing the profession of property management alone to provide a good service due to increasingly complex and extensive regulations. Property management has become a multidisciplinary task that demands staying constantly updated and having the necessary human, material, and technological resources to perform the activity. Having an experienced Licensed Property Manager is not an expense but an investment in the future.

Communitas supports you with a team of 18 individuals organized into three departments: Administration, Own Legal Assistance, and Incident Management.

Communitas’ Property Managers are members of the College of Property Management of Madrid and, therefore, benefit from the legal and technical support of the College. Their management is backed by a PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE policy with Mapfre, with coverage of €1.200.000, and they are obligated to comply with the College’s Code of Ethics in managing their Communities of Property Owners.