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Communitas provides a wide range of services
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Legal services


Your Administrator
online 24/7


• The management of the Community’s economic-financial, tax and employment matters: budgets, accounting, remittances, statements of account and reports, tax/employment obligations, etc.

• From any computer, tablet or mobile device you can access information about the Community, Mancomunidad or Urban Maintenance Entity (minutes, budgets, closing of accounts, etc.), consult your bill and balance status, notify the Administration of any incidents, and change your bank account number, etc.

Legal services

• Telephone, letter or e-mail response to legal queries submitted by the President, Governing Board or Owners at the Community, Mancomunidad or Urban Maintenance Entity regarding the Horizontal Property Act, and the drafting and revision of contracts, letters and/or other documents in their name (e.g. contracts, notifications, rules regarding majorities, minutes, etc.).

• Claims against neighbours for non-payment, damages, illegal works, refusal to grant access or prohibited or nuisance activities.

• Community, Mancomunidad or Urban Maintenance Entity defence against challenges to its decisions or legal claims from other owners, suppliers or communities.


• Daily management of notifications regarding repairs or incidents related to Community, Mancomunidad or Urban Maintenance Entity services and maintenance.

• Attendance at Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings, meetings or negotiations with owners and/or third parties or companies.

• Dealings with banks, government agencies, service providers or insurers.

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Gestora comunidad

Your Administrator online 24/7

With Communitas, distance and travel are no longer an issue. All our customers, be they community Presidents or owners, can perform numerous tasks online. Contracts, statutes, bank transactions, invoices, closing of accounts, minutes, certificates, current budget, unpaid bills. Any time. Anywhere. From a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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